The proposed site entrance


Enhanced biodiversity and greening

It is clear that there is huge potential to improve the look, feel and character of the site while delivering significant biodiversity enhancements. The site will achieve 119 per cent biodiversity net gain for habitats and 234 per cent for hedgerows.

From the start, the designers looked for ways to make the most of the space to bring greenery into the site and increase the amount of attractive, usable landscaped space. We developed our thinking in consultation with the Environment Agency to ensure designs and plant choices take into account potential periodic flooding.

  • Existing trees and mature planting will largely be retained and added to with avenue tree planting across the front and side of the site.
  • New native species and plants for pollinators introduced to enhance low biodiversity shrubs.
  • An expanded green buffer will give space and light between the building and Earl Street homes.
  • The entrance plaza will have open lawns with public seating areas and cafĂ© breakout space.
  • Street trees and planted partitions will break up the parking spaces to the side of the site.

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  • Consultation Flyer
  • Consultation banners
  • Presentation slides showing revised proposals December 2022

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