The proposed landscaped plaza

Sustainable regeneration

Our proposals recognise Oxford’s declared climate emergency and the role new development must play in securing a net zero future

Sustainability has been at the heart of the proposals from the start, with numerous measures being taken to ensure the impact the rejuvenated site has on the climate and the community is positive.

Sustainability is embedded in the proposals:

  1. The building will achieve a BREEAM ‘excellent’ sustainability rating as a minimum
  2. It will feature photovoltaic panels on the roof to provide clean, renewable energy
  3. The buildings will be electric-only, helping to reduce our reliance on natural gas
  4. Fabric first approach and Air Source Heat Pumps will help efficiently manage temperature
  5. Solar shading reduces glare and cooling demand
  6. Low embodied carbon design features recycled materials
  7. Avenue tree planting and overall landscaping will enhance the site’s biodiversity – with a net gain for habitat of 119 per cent and for hedgerows of 234 per cent
  8. In a sustainable location near to the station, green transport is prioritised, with parking spaces reduced by more than half
  9. New and improved cycle lanes and pedestrian routes will be delivered, along with 244 new cycle spaces
  10. Electric vehicle charging points provided for 25 per cent of spaces on site

Key documents & downloads

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  • Consultation Flyer
  • Consultation banners
  • Presentation slides showing revised proposals December 2022

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